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Once the purchase is complete, we will arrange for your order to be sent as soon as possible. When this happens, we will notify you by email, including the tracker, so you can stay in the loop.

1-2 days processing command
Delivery time 5-15 days

Weekends and Holidays Orders will be shipped the next business day.

We start processing and packing your order as soon as you click "Buy Now". This helps us to send your item quickly, but it also means that we can not change your order, including delivery address, change color and size or delete.

Delivery may need to receive a delivery signature. If you do not provide a shipping address, mail your order at the nearest Australian Post. Courier leaves a message in your mailbox so that you know what you are missing, and that it can be deleted. This applies to Australian standard delivery.

Please note that we can ask the client to note that delays may be due to unforeseen circumstances (eg road obstacles), which are completely out of control.

Freight is non-refundable unless the order includes defective items. For more details, please refer to our return policy. is committed to providing customers with quality service and product quality. We strive to ensure that the inventory and current prices of all products on our website are true and correct. If the product you ordered is not available, we will not be able to meet your requirements and we will notify you within 2 business days of organizing an alternative, refund or refund.

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