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Privacy Notice

You will have the opportunity to offer access to goods and services in the area. It is necessary for us to bring you a fee, call your order is possible. For example, we use and analysis, so we can adjust, improve and develop our business and to collect information. Do not worry, please! Our website will value your privacy. Shared use anyone else, use and sale of the complete privacy of your data. Satisfaction is our hope.

We will use your personal information, such as the following:
1. Administration Web site.
Two. web design to enhance your viewing experience.
III. to fulfill your order.
April. provide information and news, new services, special offers or incentives may be interested in (you will see the message.)

We may share your personal information will be sold or others.

Please send the best service to our customers, our website offers special discounts and regular e-mail. remove it at any time, you can e-mail our newsletter.

When our website is used, we use the collection, storage, documentation and information:

1. For example, your IP address, location, browser type, date, time, number and your computer views of our customers to this site, our server, aquĆ­.Cuando web browser to access information about your visit automatically record data.

Position 2 log or a web page position, you are entitled to collect under the policy requirements, use and disclosure of information. So, if you call us, you have a debit card in your name all the information and contact details and credit or she will join the desired product, or life.

3. we can send you information about their e-mail information about the data, as well as to collect about your use of our web pages and web sites. To receive standard of customer service, support and training staff, we can track recorded calls.

This privacy policy, which you can get any personal information about how we use that word we collect. If you want to contact or additional questions.

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